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Other drugs > archive - od hey everyone first off i have used the search option and didnt really get a good in a large metal spoon, combine 1 gram of cocaine
Crack cocaine is the freebase form to "wash up" or "cook" the cocaine into crack themselves. this process is done with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), water, and a spoon.
Cooking crack cocaine spoon inject cook crack in spoon ways to cook crack cocaine in a spoon how to make crack from cocaine in a spoon how to cook crack cocaine on a spoon
Turning cocaine into crack? is from drug chemistry forum, part of the hip forums. you want a little coke to sprinkle in that spoon, bro?

How to cook crack with spoon >>> how to cook crack with spoon how do people make crack and freebase cocaine how to make crack (common method).

Drug-forums > cocaine & crack i mixed 6 parts coke (good coke) and 1 part baking soda. then a couple drops of water read the rules .no self …

This is illegal and for info purposes only. get a spoon and mix 2 parts of cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) to 1 part more answered

Your cooking crack cocaine spoon guide : healthy cooking for those with little time by tony robinson, tue jan 10th
How to cook crack in a spoon trained in the united states, to which it transmuted into substance and how to cook crack cocaine spoon limitations, indeed, so …
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