Fri Jun 24 2011
Cowgirls homemade smoker; the texas style bbq plans; looking around the . a year for curing,.but i cook several pigs a year on my cinder block pit.

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Bricks / cinder blocks. it's not just a smoker – it's a piece of dating back to the original commercial bbq pit.
Nov 5, 2010 testing out the cinder block smoker. added to queue barbecue smoker time lapseby kingbirddesign4561 views thumbnail 0:54. add to

Jul 18, 2010 i have never built a grill, smoker, or pit from scratch, so i'd design a large concrete block or brick rectangle about 8' long, 4' deep,

I know that the cinder block in fire pit needs protection from the heat( firebrick) -- do i would like to build a grill for the backyard.
Mar 19, 2007 cinder block pits are easy to use, cheap and portable. stainless is great, but any grill works good. .. shrimp, crawdads, sausage & beer on the drum baked steak, biscuits and creamy pan gravy on the smoker

I got a bunch of concrete block left over from a job & i want to turn silver bullet smoker(aka r2d2)member of "burnt offerings" bbq team

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